Connections Versus Relationships – Donor Cultivation 101

March 23, 2015



I was in a meeting a few weeks ago with some colleagues that run a somewhat small nonprofit.  They were quite excited because they had just purchased an email list of a few thousand high net worth individuals.  I checked in with them a few weeks later and asked them how their response rate was.  It really was […]

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Three Ways To Be a Great Nonprofit Board Chair – Help Me Help You

June 2, 2014



Sitting on a number of boards for nonprofits, I encounter different types of board chairs.  I’ve experienced chairs from one end of the spectrum to another.  There are those board chairs who are a bit detached and I hear from rarely (like twice a year).  I also have board chairs who I receive multiple daily emails […]

Nonprofit Degree Programs Are Failing Nonprofit Leaders

March 2, 2013



This post was prompted by an email a long-time close friend and colleague emailed me this morning.  The email sent to me was this link: Nonprofits Need to Compete for Top Talent. The article referenced above cites a study conducted by Bridgespan called the Nonprofit Sector’s Leadership Deficit.  This report was published in March 2006, […]

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Donors Should Fund Marketing

October 21, 2012


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Last week I was asked to be a part of a panel discussion hosted by the Miami Chamber of Commerce entitled “At the Heart of the Matter – Social Entrepreneurship: Your Chance to Change the World.” I think I might have been the Simon Cowell of the panel. One particular discussion centered building awareness for […]

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A Challenge Facing Nonprofit Strategy – Caring Too Much

October 14, 2012



Anyone who has been involved in a board conversation or a management discussion within a nonprofit has faced the following question: Do we do what is best for the cause or best for the organization? This is a question that is unique to the nonprofit sector.  When comparing the question to the for-profit sector it […]

Fundraising Declines Are a Symptom That Something Else is Wrong

October 6, 2012



I was having lunch this past week with two intelligent and highly-educated women who also shared my passion for nonprofit strategy.  They were working on building a series of workshops designed to help nonprofit leaders and wanted my input on their line up of topics. The topics were on the Internet, social media, and fundraising. […]

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Giving Predictions for 2013

October 4, 2012



Recently, I’ve been working on a charitable giving report for a private client.  They asked as part of this report that I provide some predictions for individual giving for 2013.  There is one finding that I found fascinating and surprisingly SIMPLE. I love simple. It turns out that according to the Million Dollar List, million […]

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